PostPro3D System


Freedom from compromise: 3D printed parts with injection molded surface finish

Enabling end-to-end digital manufacturing, the PostPro3D is the world's first automated finishing system for thermoplastic polymer parts.


Whether it's quick turn prototyping services or niche-volume production of end-use parts, Midwest Prototyping provides solutions with surface quality unlike anywhere else.


Better Printed Parts

Parts processed with PostPro3D exhibit reduced surface roughness, enhanced mechanical properties (including elongation at break), and reduction in moisture absorption. No coatings are applied to smoothed parts - it's only the printed material, with a superior surface finish.


Programmed for Precision

An automated system, this digitally controlled device provides us with a repeatable process making it ideal for additive manufacturing. Parameters can be tailored to specific material and geometry combinations and saved for future cycles.


Leverage the Freedom of Design

Non-line-of-sight, parts with complex geometries (such as lattice structures and internal cavities) can be processed without special accommodation. Keep the unique advantages of additive manufacturing, without compromising.


PostPro3D  System Specifications

Processing Chamber Size

400 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm
Technologies compatible with PostPro3D process

Laser Sintering

Multi Jet Fusion

Fused Deposition Modeling

Processing Time 60 - 90 min / cycle
Materials  Over 75 thermoplastic polymers successfully processed, including polyamide and ABS
Surface Roughness reduction rate 100% - 2500% improvement
(material and parameter dependent)

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