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SLA Finish Levels

Level 1 -- Supports removed, sanded & light bead blast of support faces

Level 2 -- Supports removed, sanded & bead blast entire part

Level 2 + -- Sand to remove layer lines, sand with 180, bead blast entire part

Level 3 -- Sand to 320 removing all accessible layer lines so it's ready to prime/paint

Level 4 -- Sand to 600 wet. Required when parts are to be plated or to enhance transparency (Accura 60).

SLS Finish Levels

Level 1 -- Excess powder removed & lightly bead blasted

Level 2 -- Excess powder removed, lightly bead blasted, sanded & sealed to promote an even surface

Dying various colors

Tumbling for a smooth finish

Paint Levels

For show quality models we recommend a Finish Level 3 for the following paint options: Primer, Paint, Soft Touch, Texture, & Dye.

We recommend a Finish Level 4 for the following paint options: Dye, Lens Quality Clear Coat, & Plating.

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