Stereolithography (SLA) 

Vat Photopolymerization

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About Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing process utilizing a controlled laser to build a 3D structure layer by layer. The process occurs in a vat of liquid photopolymer, cured upon contact with the ultraviolet laser light.

Stereolithography quickly creates highly accurate components for use in design verification and presentation models. We offer a variety of materials that simulate many common thermoplastics.


Build Specs

Our platforms range in size from 10"x 10" x 10" to 29"x 25" x 21".  We can make the largest and most detailed parts in the United States.  With 9 machines, and 6 materials, we can deliver multiple parts quickly. Most jobs are run overnight,  but we have the capacity to run the same day if necessary.  You won't find faster or better quality prototypes, so challenge us.

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Material Info

We have a large enough variety of materials to meet almost any prototyping application.  Materials that are great for finishing, clear, the toughest SLA material on the market and one of the highest performance materials used for high heat and fluid applications.  The materials we use have been driven by our clients.  We work with world class product development groups that expect the best options for success. 

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SLA Tolerances

Expected tolerances on our SLA models are +/- 0.005” for the first inch and +/- 0.0015” for each additional inch. Part geometry, wall thickness, and build orientation can have an effect on tolerances. Please let us know if you have critical dimensions that need to be met.