Our Commitment to Quality


At Midwest Prototyping, quality has been our driving force since day one and continues to be the centerpiece of our operations. To us, quality is more than simply building parts to the specified dimensions - it means a quality experience for our clients, every step of the way. In fact, our customers are the basis for our quality policy: 


"We continually improve to surpass our customers’ requirements and provide better parts faster." [rev 1.1]



As we shift from prototyping to production, we recognize the importance of a responsive quality management system. Additive manufacturing presents an uncharted set of challenges, and we've sought to maintain standards of operational excellence and continual improvement in every aspect of our organization.

Whether it’s ensuring the highest quality materials, regular inspection and calibration of our machines, or advanced training for our entire staff, we’re absolutely committed to providing the highest quality parts and service to our clients.