Support for Uploading Files


 Preparing STL Files

Your design must be a three dimensional solid object in order to output an STL file suitable for printing. To save time and file size, export your STL file to a binary format. We strongly recommend you preview your final STL output. MiniMagics and Solid View Lite are both STL viewers that can be downloaded for free.

Here are some guidelines that may help you prepare your STL files using various CAD packages:



  1. File > Export > Model
  2. STL
  3. Set Chord Height to 0. Pro/Engineer will substitute a minimum acceptable value
  4. Set Angle Control 1
  5. OK



  1. Tool > Options > Export
  2. STL Options
  3. Quality = Fine
  4. File > Save As
  5. Set Save As Type = STL 
Ways to Send Your Files


Small Files - Less than 30 MB

Smaller files are easily transferred to us through email. Attach the file to an email describing the job and send it to Binary STL files are preferred. You may compress the file into a .zip archive to reduce the size of the transfer. There are a number of file compression applications available for download, including WinZip.


Large Files - 30MB or More

Ready to send us your project? Head to our FTP Upload Page to ensure secure and prompt file delivery.



If you have any questions regarding file uploads, or any inquiries regarding your project, give us a call at


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