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A process often used to bridge the gap between prototyping and high volume production tooling.

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Cast Urethane

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About Cast Urethane

Cast urethane is a process used to bridge the gap between prototyping and high volume production tooling. Both flexible or rigid parts can be used for prototyping or low volume production.  It's ideal for quantities from 1 to 100's.  Flexible or rigid parts can be created for prototype or low volume production use.

Simulating the injection molding process, cast urethane lends itself to molded-in color, insert molding, over molding, and is often used if multiple quantities of the same component are required.

Cast Urethane Process

We typically utilize the SLA process to create a master template of the part. Using the SLA master, we create a silicone mold for urethane casting. We can then inject liquid urethane into the mold, casting the part with the desired urethane traits. Once cured, we remove the part and repeat the process.

All molds and castings are created in-house to control quality and schedule.



Cast urethane offers the opportunity to choose from dozens of materials so that we can match critical material properties in a suitable durometer. Parts can be cast in color, clear or varying levels of transparency, smooth or textured. They can also be painted, plated, screenprinted, EMI shielded and otherwise finished like injection molded parts. 

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We typically can hold +/- .005" for the first inch and +/- .0015 for each inch after